Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I find interesting things interesting

I'm fascinated by design in general and web design in particular.  The domain of Design always seemed complex and inaccessible to me even though as a professional programmer I do a particular kind of design on a regular basis.  Capital "D" Design has seemed to me like a far away land with it's own language, culture and secret societies that were all unapproachable to the lay person.  However, as I started to read and learn more about the process of Design it seems in many ways to be just like programming (a wild land I am nevertheless at home in).

In  programming we often talk about "elegant design" meaning a simple solution to a complex problem.  "Elegant Design" is a lofty goal that is often difficult to achieve.  Programmers  try to increase our odds of success by carefully limiting the scope of the issue we're trying to solve and then focusing on a smaller and thus more manageable problem.

As one might expect, this is a guiding principal in creative pursuits of all kinds, from Writing to General Relativity to Axle Differential.  Thus, the overwhelming topic of Design started to become approachable to me when I realized that I didn't need to understand everything at once and could just focus on the particular bite size portion I wanted to address that day like intro to Typography or beginning Color.  As I expand my vocabulary and get introduced to the world of Design, I hope to further my education by posting about the various items that I learn about. Thus reinforcing my new knowledge and hopefully sharing it as well.

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