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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I find interesting things interesting

I'm fascinated by design in general and web design in particular.  The domain of Design always seemed complex and inaccessible to me even though as a professional programmer I do a particular kind of design on a regular basis.  Capital "D" Design has seemed to me like a far away land with it's own language, culture and secret societies that were all unapproachable to the lay person.  However, as I started to read and learn more about the process of Design it seems in many ways to be just like programming (a wild land I am nevertheless at home in).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Resurfacing: It's not just for parking lots and Joan Rivers' face

Many years ago in a land far away I had a super long commute and a pressing need for the constant adulation that can only be provided by strangers commenting on my thoughts.  So, I started a blog. As it turns out, the pressing need persisted but the strangers' comments did not.  Actually, the strangers' comments never materialized (unless you count comment spam) and as you might expect the flow of unread posts dried up while the ads for fake Canadian Cialis kept popping up.