Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Resurfacing: It's not just for parking lots and Joan Rivers' face

Many years ago in a land far away I had a super long commute and a pressing need for the constant adulation that can only be provided by strangers commenting on my thoughts.  So, I started a blog. As it turns out, the pressing need persisted but the strangers' comments did not.  Actually, the strangers' comments never materialized (unless you count comment spam) and as you might expect the flow of unread posts dried up while the ads for fake Canadian Cialis kept popping up. 

Nevertheless, a pressing need will need pressing and so I'm back again to blog at the internetz until you respond in the way that sates my hunger for attention.  This time however, I'm armed with a better spam filter and some significantly more modest goals.  Specifically, I want to try out different writing styles like those in the blogs I read and more importantly I'm not going to commit to posting a lot (and thus fail and stop posting at all).  The blog is resurfacing, let's see how it goes. And by "let's" I probably mean "I'll". And by "see how it goes" I mean "delete a bunch of spam and then give up".

For posterity's sake, here's the original post from the original blog:

  Hey all! Well, I got a Treo from the 'rents for my bday - and what with its keyboard and my two hour daily commute it seems inevitable that will soon be overrun with trite (and yet verbose) missives on my various musings, opinions and incindiary votives.  So let's begin. For starters the keyboard on this badboy is kinda tight so my usual explitive laced comments may be slightly censored since my thumbs aren't nearly as quick with the curses as my ten fingered assault. Damn! I dont really have much else to say today - so I'll just suggest you check out sahara hotnights (specifically a jam called kicks) and I'm out! Wow - we're already at my stop - I guess i'll continue offending you tomorrow .